Applied Mechanics

Philadelphia, PA

Applied Mechanics is a visionary artists’ collective based in Philadelphia. We make plays that surround you: in theaters, warehouses, galleries, schools, punk rock venues, and in the streets.  

Our plays are alternative worlds with fantastical iconography that you inhabit. Our plays are narrative rituals with radical vocabularies that you can participate in.  Our plays are an exercise in empathy and transformation. At every turn, the audience is invited to the party. Seating is optional, accessibility is primary, and each viewer creates their own experience. If you come to one of our plays, you may get swept up into a dinner party, a concert, a protest, a carnival. Welcome! We’re so glad you are here. 

We recognize that we live in a historical moment that is defined by inequality, violence, and devastating prejudice. We celebrate the opportunity that our art and our practice afford us: to imagine and enact alternative systems. We believe that the way we make art is inextricable from the art we make. Our collaborative process empowers artists and enkindles community. The performance event is cooperative on a grand scale, and the audience is as an essential partner. Our work dreams a new society into being. We are the grass growing through the cracks of a crumbling system. When it falls, we will be there and we will be ready.  

Our work celebrates unsung s/heroes and excavates radical histories. Our work envisions a more just future, which is the most urgent work of this generation. We believe that art can be a powerful force in the struggle against nationalism, fascism, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and bigotry. The fight is not only in the streets, but in our imaginations. The art we make is part of that fight.