Providence, RI

AS220 is a non-profit community arts organization in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. We provide all Rhode Island artists affordable access to galleries, performance venues, educational opportunities, residential spaces, and work studios. Exhibitions and performances of original work are unjuried, uncensored and all ages. AS220 envisions a just world where all people can realize their full creative potential.

AS220’s three buildings offer access to six rotating gallery spaces; a performance stage; a black box theater; a print shop; a darkroom and media arts lab; a fabrication and electronics lab; a dance studio; a youth program focusing on young people under state care and in the Rhode Island juvenile detention facility; 47 residential spaces (39 of which are designated affordable housing) and 7 work studios for artists; and a restaurant and bar.

AS220 cultivates a creative community that continues to have a transformative impact on the city of Providence. We are dedicated to supporting artists and enhancing cultural opportunities for all the people of Rhode Island. 

AS220 is currently engaged in a Racial Justice Initiative, begun in 2019, with a goal to “co-create an anti-racist and liberatory culture at AS220.” This work is foundational to our vision for a just and equitable world where all people can realize their full creative potential. The initiative builds on the work of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPoC) staff who, over many years, have created spaces at AS220 where non-white voices and cultures are centered. It also incorporates 12 demands lovingly created and presented by our BIPoC staff in June 2020, comprising actionable steps towards becoming the anti-racist organization AS220 strives to be. We anticipate AS220’s Racial Justice Initiative leading to changes in our leadership, policies and practices, programmatic priorities, partner relationships, and more. We are hungry to learn from others in the field about their own journeys towards racial justice in their organizations and artistic practice.