Gina DeCagna

Gina DeCagna is an American cultural producer who code-switches socially between the roles of artist, writer, editor, and curator to transform material and language, as the expressive constituents of consciousness. By undertaking social engagements with collaborators and communities, by conducting archival or anthropological research, or by examining micro-histories, DeCagna seeks to connect the interpersonal with the sociological, situating herself within social discourses across time and space.

DeCagna documents these constitutive processes in resonant, iterative projects. Her current techniques are interventionist in nature—employing collage, montage, redaction, and insertion—via site-specific installations, environments, architectures, texts, and cultural documents. DeCagna then publishes her documentation: she showcases these projects as publications, artists’ books, print multiples, or other multimedia documents in digital or physical realms.

She earned her MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London (2020) and her BA in English, Creative Writing and Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania (2016), where she focused on contemporary poetry and poetics, and had founded, edited, and directed a publication and community of over four hundred collaborating artists and writers known as Symbiosis (2012–2016). She has served as a Venice Biennale Fellow with the British Council (2019), Public Engagement Fellow of UPenn’s Institute of Contemporary Art and Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing (2017–2018), and on the Steering Committee of the Philadelphia Avant-Garde Studies Consortium (2017–2018). Her art has shown in solo and group exhibitions in London, Philadelphia, and New York. Her critical writing and poetry have appeared in a variety of independent cultural publications