Jazmyn Crosby is an interdisiplinary artist, born and raised in New Mexico, she is currently living in Philadelphia where she received her MFA from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture. She got her BFA from the University of New Mexico. She is an educator, art handler and event facilitator. She creates music under the name Glitter Vomit, and is a founding member of Graft Gallery/Collective.

GRAFT is an art and curatorial collective composed of Jessica Chao, Jazmyn Crosby, Beth Hansen, Cecilia McKinnon, and Danny Crouch. GRAFT formed in late 2014 within the DIY arts and music scene in Albuquerque, NM, where the collective maintained an exhibition and project space from 2015-2018. The collective currently exists long distance between Montréal, Philadelphia, Louisville, and Albuquerque. The name GRAFT signals the group’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, hybrid practices, and eclectic approaches to sources, form, and material. Themes approached by past projects relate to intimacy in public and personal spaces, distortion of time and memory, collective relationships and shared identity, and capitalist spectacle in cultural production, explored through strategies including installation, sculpture, sound, video, and performance.