Jeanette Andrews

Chicago, US

Jeanette Andrews: Artist. Magician.

My practice seeks to create, and create access to wondrous things. I have a research-based practice focused on creating performance, audio and sculpture based on magic and the impossible to evoke empathy and awe. I began technical training in sleight-of-hand magic at age four and after my early life centered on traditional magic performances, I recontextualized my practice within the contemporary art world. My 26-year-long background in magic has afforded a singular skill set and point of view. This includes a deep understanding of crafting experiences with nuanced psychological underpinnings, direction of attention and inattention, and designing/building objects that function completely differently than they appear. Themes of my pieces have included invisibility, impossible objects, the relationship between scent and magic, unseen communication, and how illusions can construct reality. My research centers around contemporary cognitive science, physics, and biology to create experiences that evoke wonder, contemplation and empathy. My work is highly interactive and co-created by participants. Works utilize combinations of magic, historic anecdotes, scientific oddities, and sensory anomalies to draw perception to the natural forces exerted on the body and the astonishing aspects of daily life.