Carolyn Sortor

Dallas, TX

Carolyn Sortor uses video, relational strategies, and other media to explore dimensionality and systems including the informational and economic.  Many of her projects are collaborative and/or participatory.

Among other works, she initiated the OccuLibrary project, in which she and other artists created various reincarnations of the libraries destroyed when the Occupy camps were evicted, including "secret," pop-up, and rolling libraries; the art as social wormhole reading group on art's power if any to influence reality; Co- Re-Creating Spaces, an exhibition of internationally-known artists' works re-imagining such spaces as the economy, the law, and the media; and working groups, an exhibition reviewing the accomplishments of various groups that arose in the Occupy camps, with an eye toward lessons for the future.  Her solo exhibition, common ground at the Meadows Museum, Dallas, questioned the hard and soft infrastructures that support our physical and virtual public fora and how they shape the discourses within them, and also invited visitors to describe one or more points on which they agreed with some group with whom they otherwise generally disagreed.  For Expanded Cinema, she developed the template to enable artists to make video for the 999’ x 193’ LED screen wrapping the Dallas Omni Hotel and coordinated and co-curated the first program of new video art created for the display, with audio simulcast on KXT radio; the program could be seen and heard simultaneously by people all over the city who might never step into an art gallery.

Most recently she completed a virtual residency with Glasstire for which she created two projects, beingtogether and space-time for you (Nothing to see here), and created two new works for an exhibition at the African American Museum of Dallas.

Sortor is a recipient of the Moss/Chumley Award and the Dallas Observer Mastermind award as well as being named one of the Observer's top 100 Dallas Creatives, and her videos have won both juror and audience festival awards.