JeeYeun Lee

Chicago, IL

I am an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and activist based in Chicago. Through performance, objects, and socially engaged art, my work explores dynamics of connection, power, violence and resistance. I have worked with social justice and community-based organizations for over twenty-five years in immigrant rights, economic justice, LGBTQ issues, and domestic violence. 

My creative practice combines my background as a fiber artist, my work as an activist, and my personal experiences of migration across the US, Europe, and Asia. Currently, I use walking as a medium to investigate the ongoing effects of colonization and racism in urban spaces, anchored by extensive research. In the past three years, I have completed durational walking performances in Detroit, Santa Fe, and Chicago, accompanied by exhibitions, publications, and lectures. During the walks, I wear a traditional Korean dress made from denim to mark my position as a Korean female, an immigrant, an “American,” and a settler.