S Rodriguez

Dallas, TX

S Rodriguez is a Texas-based interdisciplinary artist, writer, and arts organizer. They are the co-creator of Paraspace Books, a transient bookstore dedicated to queer sci-fi and speculative fiction. 


S’s practice is grounded in their own experience of growing up southern, texmex, and trans. Drawing on non-canonical queer histories and futures, their work implements sci-fi strategies as a way of imagining and co-creating new ways to structure and de-structure the world. S takes notes from video games, philosophy, sci-fi, anime, giant mechs, comics, cyborgs, rave culture, early cell phones, corrupted files, and speculative futures. Their work aims to expose and subvert power structures founded on notions of surveillance, gender, race, ability, etc. and most often explores the intersection of technology, futurisms, and the expansive possibilbities of queer bodies, in physical, digital, or linguistic forms.


S has received support from numerous galleries and organizations throughout the state, including the Blaffer Art Museum, The Station Museum of Contemporary Art, The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, The Austin Public Library, DiverseWorks, the University of Texas, the Idea Fund, and more.