Connie Noyes

Chicago, IL

My work is an immersion in mourning research.

The delicate and complicated process of mourning rushed by the stoic culture I was delivered into left no room for ritual or its importance in healing the complex and emotional experience of grief. 

As my research has expanded over the past five years, mourning rituals based on personal loss have given way to our collective grief. At this moment, regardless of our difference’s grief is a common ground. Focus on the shared emotions of grief, personal rituals, and objects made in the studio become conduits for connection. Projects such as The Good Mourning Café, Love Letters to the Lost, and Breathe have worked to bring people together in intimate, creative, and regenerative spaces for healing.

I am currently working on a multi-media collaboration - working title “How do you Grow an Elbow?” This project wanders, wondering about the unknown before life and after death, the places we’ve been, the places we go that bookend the transitions into and out of our corporeal reality.