Hannah Chalew

Artist, educator, and environmental activist raised and currently living in New Orleans, LA

My artwork explores what it means to live in a time of global warming with a collective uncertain future, and specifically what that means for those of us living in Southern Louisiana. My practice explores the historical legacies that got us here to help imagine new possibilities for a livable future.

An important part of my practice is working directly with front-line communities facing issues of environmental justice, marching alongside them in the streets and helping lead art-builds to create protest artwork for marches.

Since 2018, I have sought to divest my studio practice from fossil fuels as much as possible through the materials I use: choosing recycled, free, and sustainable materials; by powering my artworks and studio practice with renewable resources like solar power and rain-water harvesting collected by my solar cart (pictured below); and by traveling by bike to and from my studio.