Self. Novelist

Boyne Island, AU

I am a terminally ill 50 year old lady. I live a very quiet content life yet I am full of inner energy and gusto. My grown two daughters are married, successful and extremely independent. They have gifted me with 6 grandchildren in total. Nicely balanced with my eldest daughter having 3 daughters  and my youngest daughter has 3 sons. Their husbands are absolute gentlemen treating my girls with the respect they have rightfully earnt. I'm very proud of such simple things in life with an attitude "money is a neccesity never used for life changing happiness". This can be an oxymoron at times or Murphy's law as they say. I'd love to see a world with that community feel or treat thy neighbour how you want to be treated. This takes me to another level sometimes, finding myself treating others how they treat me.  Much limitations in this theory as I have no ability to be cruel, bullying or revengeful. I love life, wake each morning appreciating the sunshine, birds and all the basic comforts in my home. The excitement of waking at 5am to encapsulate peace and solitude is who I am and how my day begins. The day blossoms from that first inspiration and this is when I like to write my memoir book.