Ariel Dougherty

Truth or Consequences, NM

Ariel Dougherty possesses over five decades experience as a cultural worker, centered in the feminist artistic community. Teacher, filmmaker, producer, mentor, curator, adminstrator, writer and policy wonk, her many hats, hopes and visions give her a wide view of the cultural horizon across the United States. At the heart of these efforts have been encouraging the voices, and visions, of a broad range of women: prisoners, racially diverse elementary school moms, teachers, community youth and always, especialy girls. Getting their stories on to film have been one challenge. Having these stories shown before a wide audicne is another. An Easterner transplanted to the New Mexican desert, she currently runs SPLICE, a residency program for filmmakers and is completing a book, Community Based Feminist Film Teaching in the Long Sevenities, (a glimpse of which can be seen in this December 2020 lecture). A co-founder of Women Make Movies in 1972, Dougherty is excited to celebrate with a wide range of the cultural community that organization's fifieth anniversary in 2022.