Houston Coalition Against Hate

Houston, TX

Houston Coalition Against Hate (HCAH) is a powerful force for good in our community. Our network of 55+ members are committed to addressing all incidents of hate, bias, discrimination, and violence on the basis of a person or group’s religion, race/ethnicity, gender, gender identity/expression, abilities, age, sexual orientation, national origin, creed, immigration status, or genetic information.


HCAH envisions a city where everyone is respected and valued, regardless of their identity. We work toward this vision by helping our members develop relationships with one another that exponentially build their capacity and enhance the social fabric of our community. As we support the community leaders who comprise our membership, they in turn elevate the voices of the populations they represent, which strengthens our collective ability to pursue meaningful change.

HCAH also co-creates innovative and inclusive public programming that brings people of different identities together and offers cutting-edge professional development workshops that help our members grow. Additionally, we support meaningful research into the state of hate in our community to empower the systemic change we hope to see.