Mo Geiger

Boiling Springs, PA

Mary Olin (Mo) Geiger is an interdisciplinary artist who learns by doing, often through collaboration with other people. Currently, she is a graduate student in Portland State University's Art and Social Practice MFA program and a member of Valley Traction Performance Collective in rural southcentral Pennsylvania.

Her background is in technical theater, and because of that she thinks a lot about the ways we move through the world an manipulate space. She is a scavenger—often using discarded materials and craft/trade practices that are pushed to the edges of contemporary production and conversations. Her process is context-specific, and she examines everyday things that are often overlooked wherever she happens to be (keeping in mind that systems often exist below the surface of a place). Her work asserts that the tools and work of the past are important parts of the future. Visit her website for more information and a CV.