Qiaira Riley

Qiaira Riley is a Sagittarius, sweet potato pie connoisseur, occasional theorist, and interdisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia. She holds a dual B.A. from Lake Forest College in African African Studies and Studio Art, and is currently a Socially Engaged Studio Art MFA candidate at Moore College of Art and Design. Her academic, curatorial, and creative work explores archiving, Black women's cooking phenomenology, ancestral veneration, internet art, and simulacra.  


Amongst other projects, Qiaira is currently working on Cornbread: A Black Ceramics Kitchen. This free, virtual ceramic workshop is inspired by Black food culture and its literature, and is exclusively open to Black femme and gender queer descendants of the Great Migration. Her zine, How Tiffany Pollard Built the Internet: Representations of Simulacra, Virtuality, and Black Women and Femmes on the Internet and its Art, will be released in the Fall 2021.