Nightingale Cinema

Chicago, IL

The Nightingale Cinema is a rough and ready microcinema located in Chicago's Noble Square neighborhood. Programming strains include expanded cinema, new media, experimental narrative, documentary, and video art. The Nightingale Cinema is a proud supporter of artist, activist, underground, outre, avant-garde, après-garde, unconventional, independent, forgotten, and unforgettable cinema. Projection capabilities include 16mm and digital formats. Operated with a gift economy by an informal volunteer community of programmers, projectionists, critics, and artists, the Nightingale screens film and video artists both local and international. Always striving to collaborate with other organizations, the Nightingale hosts an average of 50 events a year including screenings, performances, festivals, live studio shoots, workshops, and artist talks. Since opening its doors in 2008, the Nightingale has shown the work of hundreds of artists to thousands of attendees.