3 of Cups

Houston, TX

3 of Cups (3oC) is a 501c3 organization that amplifies the voices of Queer and marginalized folks in Houston, TX through arts programming, social practice, and field-wide cultural work. 3 of Cups derives strength through diversity, inclusivity, and an anti-fascist, anti-racist foundation that is non-hierarchical. We practice dynamic accountability and build community with marginalized queer and BIPOC members of the Houston art community. By way of creating a supportive space for collaboration among community members and organizations, we offer arts and culture programming and services to Houston and the arts field at large.

As collaborators of 3 of Cups, we equally share the labor of administrative work, cultural strategizing, fundraising, and organizational creativity. Since we are non-hierarchical we work in a way that is power neutral, meaning everyone is involved in making decisions that effect 3oC. No one holds a different title, and no ones decisions or thoughts yield more weight. Project rates are equally distributed, and when we are able to pay collaborators salaries it will also be distributed equally.  

Our core values are:

Community is the cornerstone of life. Our Community is the central focus of our organization. We will constantly seek to build relationships with and cede power to our Community so that their wants, needs, ideas, and hopes are being fulfilled.

We will prioritize multi-marginalized voices within our Community. We commit ourselves to creating, educating on, and perpetuating Justice for queer and trans black, indigenous, people of color, and other multi-marginalized members of the Community.

Care is the direct act of removing ideological and historic roadblocks to lasting and impactful cultural change. Care is not performative. We will act on our Community's desires, obstacles, and strengths to find best practices and solutions unique to their lives.