KS Brewer

Brooklyn, NY

My interdisciplinary work explores trauma’s sources and impacts through experiential and multi-sensory combinations of time-based tech, sculpture, and installation. Confrontational and uncanny, queering assumptions of space, time, and being, I aim to connect and collaborate with audiences on an intuitive and emotional level that can equally engender discomfort or validation. 
Using post-trauma’s history, sociology, psychology, and neurology as a framework, I critically engage related subjects, politics, and histories (ex. hysteria, intergenerational trauma, monstrosity), and challenge historical and contemporary depictions of women and other “others” from a queer female perspective. My practice explores a wide range of mediums and methods, building on my existing skills in live action and stop motion filmmaking, electronic wiring, sculpting, carpentry, and other means of digital and physical fabrication. I manipulate these mediums in interactive and immersive ways, resulting in projects that communicate through the immediacy of sensation and emotion, and offer tools for connection and healing.