Mikki Janower

Brooklyn, NY

Mikki Janower is an interdisciplinary designer and researcher logging on from Brooklyn, New York.

Currently designing and writing at The Creative Independent. She has worked with organizations across culture and the arts, among them The Undocumented Migration Project, the Glass House, and Jewish Currents Magazine. Through her practice, she builds platforms for artists, writers, and thinkers in pursuit of better worlds; and indulges a lifelong interest in open inquiry through creative play.

She received her BFA in Communication Design and Writing from Washington University in St. Louis, where her work explored gender and sexuality studies, material culture, conditional practice, decolonial theory, and mass demonstration in the digital sphere. Previous projects include Cyberotica, an analysis of technosexuality in contemporary art; and the Post-Science Quarterly, a journal challenging the notion of empirical thinking. She has previously researched sustainable futures through a practicum facilitated by the Guggenheim Museum, guided by artists, organizers, and community leaders. Find her at