MHz Curationist

Richmond, VA

MHz Curationist strives to be an expansive cultural quilt built by global voices stitching their stories together.

Everyone deserves to see themselves, through culture, reflected on the internet.

The internet is not representative of the majority of the people who use it. With inaction, we will all be replicating colonial forces, with the same knowledge propagated over and over, instead of there being an expansive set of knowledge that is available for everyone.

Built from the Commons, Curationist is a novel, interactive, and trustworthy Open Access web platform that seeks to provide a myriad of tools and opportunities to engage with arts and culture through co-creative authorship. Curationist connects people, local and regional, with GLAM institutions, big and small, in an open, community-driven way.

We are striving to build a dynamic platform with functionalities ideated from and evolving with our user needs - a platform that allows users to:

Find content through an API Search Tool that aggregates 10 open access APIs, segments data, sorts and filters returns for both keywords and long tail search & optimizes between content repository, proxy, and source APIs

Curate content from both APIs and open access sources without APIs, and produce original editorial work with full content production workflow inside the platform

Submit community-generated content with pre-publishing moderation, workspace dashboard, and public user profiles

Share datasets through API; API Search Tool aggregator with access keys for brand partners; long form text with CC0/CC BY licensing

Access future ready infrastructure: headless CMS, on-demand cloud computing platform, media content proxy, media and original content repository, a single gateway REST API, dataset segmentation, and design that is accessible.

Find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, @mhzcurationist. Come curate with us! #ExpandingCulturesTogether