Grace Grothaus

Grace Grothaus is an artist whose research questions center around the present global climate crisis and futurity. Her research-creation is focused on environmental sensing and visualization and her projects take the form of indoor and outdoor installations, often interactive or responsive in nature. She's deeply concerned with the question of how to foster empathetic relationships between human beings and our more-than-human environs in order to address our current critical issues. Her artwork has been exhibited across the United States and abroad on five continents, including for the 2nd World Creativity Biennale in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in Durban, South Africa for the International Symposium of Electronic Art, and Environmental Crisis: Art & Science in London, UK. Grothaus has received awards for her work from organizations such as the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts was an Art 365 Fellow. She has been invited to speak about her work for University of California San Diego's Design@Large series and Ecoartspace among others. Currently Grothaus is currently working towards a PhD in Digital Media from York University in Toronto.