Group Creative Services

Des Moines, IA

Group Creatives is a public art consultency based in central Iowa. We activate the power of artists to create solutions that drive innovation, discover cost efficiencies, integrate with infrastructure, and build community. With thoughtful, actionable planning and facilitation of public art projects, we connect communities with proven artists to create projects of distinction and advance goals ranging from civic discourse to environments that embody civic missions and ensure top of mind recognizability.

We work on policy, planning, community assessment, engagement, public art facilitation, community building, public art process management, and creative placemaking for public, NGO, and private entities.

Cross sector problem solving, innovative solutions, and unique resource use are the regular features of artists’ work. Artists should be incorporated into challenging processes early on to create projects of distinction and loyalty.

Public art can align with and advance civic goals, offering fresh tactics for and perspectives on outreach, education, feedback, and data visualization.