New York, US

MIPSTERZ is a curated space for an emerging generation of Muslim creatives. We aim to enable and amplify our collective voice in the larger public space through film, music, and illustration.

On one hand, MIPSTERZ is a home for marginalized creators to build, collaborate, or experiment with diverse folks who share a common connection to a larger tradition. We actively provide mentorship, resources, and platforms to enable ideas and expression. We are also in the business of producing original content.  

On the other hand, MIPSTERZ content is for everyone. It is the collective representation and avenue through which our creativity is amplified in broader, diverse spaces. We have worked with everyone from the popular media, academia, to museums and art spaces to bring our multi-dimensional third-culture inspired voices and stories to the forefront. We are excited to present our work and voice to the world. 

We want to work with you, whether you are a creator or a fan.
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