The Miller Gallery

Pittsburgh, PA

The Miller Gallery is Carnegie Mellon University's contemporary art gallery located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It supports experimentation that expands notions of art and culture, providing a forum for conversations about creativity and innovation. Its mission includes: explorations of new forms; dynamic relationships between past, present, future histories of art and hybrid practices, as well as regional and international investigations across media. Through programming, workshops, events and publications, Miller Gallery offers the opportunity for active engagement with students, faculty, artists, scholars, alumni, and the wider public.

The Miller Gallery was founded in 2000 by Regina Gouger Miller, artist, educator, businesswoman, arts patron and alumna of Carnegie Mellon's School of Art.

The Miller Gallery has exhibited works by notable artists including Bernd and Hilla Becher, Dara Birnbaum, Mel Bochner, Jonathan Borofsky, Center for PostNatural History, Mel Chin, John Cage, John Currin, Karen Finley, Armin Hofmann (Design), Miranda July, Joyce Kozloff, Robert Lepper, Philip Pearlstein, Machine ProjectGordon Matta-Clark, Elizabeth Catlett Mora, Takashi Murakami, George Nakashima (Industrial Design), OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture),  Renee Stout, Trevor PaglenKara Walker, Andy Warhol, The Yes Men and many others.

Since 2000, the Miller Gallery has presented
119 exhibitions, 3092 artists/cult producers, 286 events, 17 cities.