Street Road

Cochranville, PA

Developed as an evolution of a family real estate business, Street Road sponsors projects that relate directly to the problematic, capital-driven activity which produced its possibility. Challenges to received wisdom about property ownership, especially how this relates to social relationships, are the focus.
Located at the crossroads of Street Road and Gap Newport Pike (Routes 926 and 41) in Pennsylvania, our name adopts the richly textured toponym by which we are located: etymologically 'Street Road' derives from the Roman ‘via strata’, or ‘paved road’, encoding histories of human and land intertwinings, particularly human impulses to map, posess, and constrain the earth.
The 5-acre site comprises outdoor works, many ongoing, an exhibition space in a renovated 1930s cottage, and occasional projects in two other on-site buildings - an abandoned former mushroom house and an industrial pole barn. In an area that lies between rural farmland, Amish country, horse country, land preservation efforts, towns impoverished by big-box proliferation, and, increasingly, suburbanization growing out from the cities of Philadelphia, Wilmington and Lancaster, Street Road is a laboratory for the consideration of humans’ multiplicitous relationships with land - past, current and future.