2022 Sunset Budget

Common Field’s 2022 sunset budget was developed to ensure that staff is supported in this transition process, our program commitments are met, and that we develop a resource for the field through our archival work beyond the life of the organization. With the knowledge that we would not be able to pass the public support test and maintain our charitable status at the end of 2022, this budget reflects our commitment and intention as to how our (granted and in reserve) funds will be allocated this year to best support our closing process.

>>> Download the budget .pdf here

Common Field is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts with additional support for our 2022 gathering in Seattle provided by the National Endowment for the Arts. As part of our work to organize a final gathering in Seattle, we are pursuing small local grants that will go directly to Seattle organizers, partners and local participants for the event.

In addition to the funding provided by our supporters in 2022, our final budget is also made possible by a significant amount of accrued funds from previous years, mostly from 2020. During that year, all in-person events from March onwards were canceled due to the pandemic and planned staff expansion was put on hold. This significant reduction in programs and operations led to a $240,000+ surplus at the end of the year. The remainder of the organizational reserve funds were accrued from 2017-2019. In 2021, these funds were used in part to support repair work recommended by the Audit process in 2021 and expand Common Field’s staff (as previously planned in 2020). In 2022, following the decision to sunset, Common Field allocated these funds to support the staff sunset package, complete a digital and material archive for the organization, and bring on project-based staff to complete our sunset-focused initiatives.

In the budget, you will find notes about the larger amounts of funds allocated to certain projects. Our sunsetting projects and staff will be supported by 3 temporary project-based roles this year to ensure that our parallel work over the coming months is well developed and moves forward.

The budget makes an allocation for 2023 Wrap Up work including filing Common Field’s 2022 taxes and submitting grants reports to our 2022 funders (both to be completed in 2023). Due to the organization’s closing in December 2022, the accounting firm and associated contracted staff that will conduct this work in 2023 will be compensated in advance, no later than December 31, 2022, to complete these tasks in 2023 according to filing and submission deadlines.

The largest increase for expenses for 2022 is staff compensation, reflected in the sunset package allocation, and the first staff-wide cost of living adjustment in 2022. We hope this narrative provides a clear framework for use of resources in 2022.

Common Field Team (May 2022)