2019 Field Resolutions

We want to hear from you! Take a few minutes to share your new or renewed visions for your work and our field for the coming year. Tell us your hopes, speculations and future scenarios. We want to build a collective vision of what the year ahead might possibly hold for our field built from your many voices. Click here to share your thoughts.

We’ll publish a growing list on through the end of January. We’ll circulate your ideas on our website and beyond. We hope it helps to spark a collective set of resolutions and maybe even something more that helps us shape the narrative and propose ideas for our evolving form and purpose as an expansive field.

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As my personal activist project, wip_projects, continues to grow, I intend to engage more with underserved creative communities in my region through workshops and events. I want to increase the project’s visibility through more curatorial work. And I plan to apply to a museum and exhibition studies graduate program at the end of the year.

Frances Cathryn, wip_projects
wip_projects Common Field Profile

I am thinking about accountability: imagining the possibilities for a network such as Common Field — made up of individuals who have certain ethics, goals, and responsibilities — to hold ourselves as individuals accountable for the work we do through generous and open processes of reflection and rigor. I further imagine extending this practice outward so that we likewise are able to hold our institutions, organizations, and fellow cultural workers accountable to our communities in order to ensure the safety, well-being, and flourishing of those we serve, including ourselves. I imagine us transforming our best intentions into best practices.

Jenna Crowder, The Chart
The Chart Common Field Profile