Seattle Working Group and Share-Back Meeting


Working Group and Share-Back Meeting

Led by 2019 Common Field Attendees


Saturday, July 13, 1-4pm
ARTS at King Street Station

303 S Jackson St, Seattle 98104

This event is free.

This community meeting is for everyone who makes contemporary, experimental, noncommercial artist-centric spaces, projects, festivals, organizations and initiatives happen. On the agenda: reports by attendees of Common Field’s 2019 Convening in Philadelphia, break-out sessions on hot topics , networking & information sharing. With presentations & facilitation by Anne Focke, Carole Fuller, Ben Gannon, Bradly Gunn, Elisheba Johnson, Christopher Paul Jordan, Philippe Hyojung Kim, mario lemafa, Matthew Offenbacher, Julie Chang Schulman, Mary Welcome, Carol Rashawnna Williams & more TBA


Meeting outline:

1:00pm Welcome

1:20 Break-out session #1

2:20 Break-out session #2

3:15 Poster session with snacks

(We'll send more details when you register.)

About the presenter / facilitators:

Ben Gannon

Bradly Gunn

Elisheba Johnson

Christopher Paul Jordan

Philippe Hyojung Kim

mario lemafa

Julie Chang Schulman

Mary Welcome

Carol Rashawnna Williams

& more TBA

Organized by Matthew Offenbacher, Anne Focke & Carole Fuller

Supported by the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture