Phonebook 4

PHONEBOOK is a directory of independent and noncommercial art spaces, programming and projects throughout the United States and a collections of critical essays and practical information by the people who run them. PHONEBOOK 4 includes listings of hundreds of artist-run spaces, event series, unconventional residencies, alternative schools, and community resources; all the projects that form and support art ecologies across the nation, as well as critical reflections of their activities. The book acts as an archive of artist-run activity as well as a guidebook to communities across the nation, and is an essential resource for artists, organizers, art historians, and art audiences today. PHONEBOOK has been published by Threewalls since 2006.

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In the fall of 2015, Threewalls partnered with Common Field to publish the essay content in PHONEBOOK 4 by practitioners in the field included in the publication. The essays cover a range of subject matter integral to artist-run culture, including compensation, equity, alternative space history, and the ethos of staying small and independent.

To purchase a print edition or PDF of the book, which includes over 900+ listings of spaces, residencies, and resources from across the United States here.