2022 Closing Survey

As Common Field comes to close, we are gathering reflections, insights, and imaginations for the future from our membership and community to better understand Common Field’s practice and impact.


This survey, our last, is meant to provide a space to contribute to these narratives and share your experiences with Common Field. We hope to include all of your responses in our digital archive materials that will be housed and available to the public at the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive in 2023 and beyond. We welcome past and current members, and any community members of our field who have experience with Common Field, to consider sharing their reflections with us now through Friday, Oct 7.

Your personal information requested in the form (email, location) will not be part of the archive materials. We ask you for this information in the event that we want to include part of your responses in our final Learnings and Outcomes Projects, a collection of writings, interviews and responses from our community to be shared publicly as we close. We will contact you in advance should we want to include any part of your responses in this final project.

Included in this survey is a question about how the Warhol Foundation might distribute Common Field funds to the field in 2023 and beyond. Our aim is to share recommendations from this survey question with the foundation. If you choose to answer this question, your response may be shared (anonymously) with the Foundation staff.

As a member of our Community and our larger field of practice, we thank you for sharing your time, thoughts, and reflections with us here. Your responses are vital to expressing the current state of the field and what we want for the future.

Following the required “About You” questions, feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you prefer. You are not required to respond to all questions to submit your completed survey. This survey will be open until October 7, 2022.