Common Work: Learnings for the Future from Common Field

Common Field is closed as of December 31, 2022. This website and its content will remain online through April 30, 2023. We encourage you to browse and download any content you would like to access beyond that date.


In the process of sunsetting (or closing the organization), Common Field developed this final project, Common Work: Learnings for the Future from Common Field. Common Work : Learnings for the Future from Common Field is a podcast and writing series exploring the history of our field, Common Field’s organizational journey, and the work that is shaping the future today.

This four-part series pairs podcast episodes with commissioned essays around four themes: Foundations, Common Field in Practice, Community Building is Culture, and Sustainability for the Future. Contributors include artists and leaders across the sector, as well as former and current Common Field staff and board members. Alongside this thematic series, the project will also offer an organizational timeline and a selection of resources related to Common Field’s life and work. This project was produced in partnership with Jack Straw Cultural Center.

Today, you can listen to Episodes 1 and 2 as well as read the User Guide and Essays 1 and 2, all linked below. Each essay PDF also includes a transcription of the associated audio episode. Episodes 3 & 4 with their paired essays and an organizational timeline will be released in early 2023. Keep up-to-date on the launch of episodes and essays for Community Building is Culture and Sustainability for the Future and our organizational timeline in early 2023 on Instagram or Facebook.

User Guide

PART I Foundations

This episode includes a reflection on the history of the field of artist-led organizations and organizers and a dialogue about the work of creating new spaces and places for our work:

PART II Common Field in Practice

This conversation invites current and former staff to be in conversation with one another around shared experiences and takeaways from their time at Common Field, exploring the ways the work unfolded through the lens of those who carried our programs and operations forward.

PART III Community Building is Culture

Coming Soon!

This episode welcomes network members to discuss the criticality of community building for cultural sustainability and the ways their organizations and projects are moving this work forward.

PART IV Sustainability for the Future

Coming Soon!

In this final episode, Network members discuss how they are thinking about, participating in, or developing new structures for sustainable creative work moving toward more sustainable futures for our field of practice.



Common Work: Learnings for the Future was produced with oversight by Chris Tyler, graphic design by Alexa Smithwrick, copyediting by Nicolay Duque-Robayo and administrative support from Raquel Du Toit. Jack Straw Cultural Center recorded, edited, and produced this podcast series with music by Josh Nucci. Common Work: Learnings for the Future from Common Field was developed and curated by Sheetal Prajapati in collaboration with the Common Field team.

Common Field would like to thank the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts for their support of this work.

Project Participants

Mars Avila
Kristel Baldoz
Roberto Bedoya
Clementine Bordeaux
Mary V. Bordeaux
Amanda Choo Quan
Jackie Clay
Vashti DuBois
An Duplan
Matthew Fluharty
Hannah Grossman
Ikram Lakhdhar
Shaun Leonardo
James McAnally
Lorie Mertes
Larry Ossei-Mensah
Sheetal Prajapati
Kevin Ritter
Chris Tyler
Diya Vij
Ayesha Williams
Allison Freedman Weisberg
Sarah Williams